Pumie Flexi-Scour Flexible Scrubbing Screen For Household Cleaning, 5.5" X 4", Abrasive Grit Cleaning Screen, Clean Grills, Remove Carbon, Rust And Scale

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  • Pumie Flexi-Scour Flexible Scouring mesh pad. Ready to use, shapes easily to flat and curved surfaces. Simply scour in a back and forth motion, then rinse

  • SAFE for porcelain bowls, SAFE for skin. The only non-toxic stain eraser. Easy to use, no mess

  • MULTI USE - Ideal for removing rust, paint, mineral deposits, grease & burnt on food from most hard surfaces, and will also remove toilet rings

  • Pack of 24 units, each unit measures 5.5 x 4 inches. Can be used wet or dry and durable in soapy water. Out performs scratch pads and cleansers.

  • Size : Pack of 24

'''Size:Pack of 24 Pumie Flexi-Scour Flexible Scouring Screen, Pack of 24 units