Vigar Ladybug Dust Pan And Brush Handy Set, 12-3/4-Inches, Green, Red, Black

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  • Lightweight design; great for everyday use; bristles attract dirt and debris without scratching surfaces; oval-shaped brush clips into dustpan for easy storage

  • Brush head is adorned with a fun ladybug design; features black brush bristles with an emerald green dustpan; rubber lip creates seamless surface between floor and dustpan; hangs for easy storage

  • Mix and match with other Ladybug items to complete your household cleaning needs

  • Made from lightweight plastic, durable polyester and polypropylene; measures 8-1/2-inches long by 3-inches wide by 12-3/4-inches high; Green, Red, Black

  • For daily maintenance, shake out brush after each use; for a deep clean, swish brush and dustpan in a mild soap and warm water solution, rinse and air dry; Imported

  • Color : Ladybug

Denoted by a ladybug-inspired design, this product is adorned with black spots in contrast with its red handle reminiscent of a ladybug. An animal design with vivid accents adds a fun twist to everyday cleaning tools.

The Ladybug handy brush and dustpan is lightweight making it perfect for everyday use. Bristles easily attract dust and debris while providing scratch-free cleaning. The dustpan features a rubber lip that creates a seamless surface ensuring that dirt and debris transfer easily into the pan. For storage, simply clip the brush onto the dustpan and hang it behind a door or store away in a closet. Measuring 12-3/4-inches high, this brush features a dense and oval-shaped head capable of covering a wide surface range.

For over 50 years, Vigar has been serving the world with functional yet stylish household equipment. Their goal is to transform everyday household items into beautiful pieces of art aimed to entertain and inspire.