Yukik Shoe Stretcher For Women Shoe, Adjustable Ladies Boots High Heels And Men Wide Feet (2 Pcs Shoe Stretchers)

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  • Perfect fit boot stretcher: Just insert the shoe stretchers into the Boots, and then turn the knob clockwise. Leave the shoe stretchers in overnight, or for 24-48 hours. The longer the time, the more your shoes will stretch.

  • Durable tough material: Made from tough polyurethane plastic and premium steel shaft, it has a long service time, professional for shoe stretcher for boot.

  • Relieve the discomfort of the foot: Reduce pain from bunions or corns by spreading the shoes on an adjustable stretcher, Alleviates pressure and chafing at the top of your foot and ankle,make your shoes more suitable for your feet.

  • Suitable shoe type: Portable design, these professional boot stretchers are suitable for women's and men's boots and are a perfect shoe expander stretcher.

  • Warranty service: We provide one year warranty service, please contact us if you have any questions. Please note that this shoe stretcher is only suitable for boots, so be sure to read our instructions.

  • Color : Pink Boot Stretcher

What is shoe stretcher?
Our shoe stretchers are made of tough polyurethane plastic and high quality steel shafts. The shoe stretcher extends the length and width of the shoe and is comfortably tailored to prevent tight or painful areas caused by blisters, corns or bunions.

Why do you need a shoe stretcher?
Use the 4-way shoe stretcher kit to adjust the length and width to make the women's or men's boots just right, this is the right time to get our stretcher, is a perfect shoe expander stretcher.

Portable design,made from tough polyurethane plastic and premium steel shaft, it has a long service timemore durable and smoother than wooden shoe stretchers.

1.Suitable for shoe stretcher women and men
2.Adjustable design to meet your foot needs.
3.more durable and smoother than wooden shoe stretchers.
4.Pressure relieving when happened to pain or uncomfortable tightness.
5.Portable and compact design for travel and business travel.

How to use:
a.Insert shoe stretcher into shoe with the back piece facing down.
b.Rotate the knob clockwise,adjust the length.
c. Rotate the hook clockwise,adjust the width.
d. For best result,please keep shoe stretchers in place for at least 24-48 hours.
e. To remove stretcher, turn handles Counterclockwise.

Package Include:
2x Shoe Stretchers
2x pad high plugs
8x bunion Plugs
1x bag