Riorand Rr-Clener-Sp-30 Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge Melamine Foam 90 X 60 X 30Mm 906030

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  • Product Size:3.55 X 2.4 X 1.2 ( 90mm X 60mm X 30mm)

  • Riorand Melamine Sponge have no irritating smell with professional packaging as display figure

  • Degreasing one-time use,can be cutted into the shape of a size as required to make higher utilizationrate

  • Multi Purpose: Suitable for Tile, Living Room, Bathroom, Office, Car, Bike, Toys, Various Kinds of Appliances

  • The quality come up with it's price,pls don't compared with other high price.Contact with us any product problem

  • Size : 90*60*30

1. Size: 90mm X 60mm X 30mm 30 PC
2. Material:Melamine Sponge
3. Bouquet: No irritating smell
4. Packing: Riorand professional packaging as display figure
5. Quality: Correct operation is not easy to break, have certain durability (PS: degreasing is one-time use)

Commodity characteristics:
1. Without any detergent, water can be easy to stain!
2. Suitable for area wide, suitable for household, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.
3. Strong detergency, general cleaning not clean dirt can easily decontamination.
4. Suitable for clean concave and convex plane, no deep dirt, water, a brush on the net!
5. With 99.9% natural antibacterial effect.
6. Easy to usecan cut into the shape of a size as required.

How to use:
1.Will the sponge soaked with water
2.Hand wringing sponges squeeze out excess water
3.Use a sponge to wipe stain
4.Rinse the sponge stain